This past weekend I had the pleasure of competing in the 3rd Annnual Temecula Valley Music Awards where all proceeds go to Music Education. It was a wonderful night and I won the Blues Artist Category. I would like to thank Tim Moyer who pioneered this event and organized it all. I am proud to be a part of this rich community of musicians that strive to keep music thriving and are genuine and friendly people to boot!! I am so very grateful for this recognition.

I had an interesting piece of news that I wanted to share with you. I found out that my album Long Road is on the first ballot list for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards!!  The genre I am representing is Best Contemporary Blues Album. 
Now it is up to the voting members of the Academy to hopefully consider my album to make the top 5. If you are a voting member or if you might know someone that is, please make them aware that my album is on the list in the hopes that they might listen to it and vote for me. Please share this news!!!
Everyone can hear my album songs on reverbnation. The direct link is:
I am also working on a one woman band solo show that I am very excited about. I will share a little taste of this project at TedX Temecula this Saturday October 29th!!! So I am hard at work over here to create, create, create and bring joy to you once I am ready to unveil my full project. My goal is to "Make Original Music Great Again" ;-) 
In band news: I have some cool events coming up with Papermoon Gypsys: 
We will be playing at Mozambique in Laguna Beach on Nov. 2nd @ 8pm and we will be participating in the Southern California Blues Society's Battle of the Blues Bands on Nov. 12th @ 4pm in Long Beach.
I wish you all well in this ever changing, sometimes confusing world. Music really makes it better and has the power to heal.
Love to you, 
Diana Rein

or the pdf version:


Hello friends!

Go on over to Diana's ReverbNation account to hear a song from her soon to be released album "Long Road"! While you are there please become a fan and share her artist page with friends to get her rank up! 

Hello everyone, 

It feels amazing to finally have a release date for my album. It's been quite a road getting to this point and I am a bit in awe that I have reached my destination. Anything else that happens as a result of this cd is just a cherry on top. I have been hearing samples from the mixing engineer and I get excited with each song I hear. So very soon, the songs will be available to you and I am counting down the days! A lot has to be done before this release so I will be hard at work putting together a video sampler of the songs and working with a publicist to get the word out. Wish me luck and thank you so much for your support!

Here is a new interview that appeared on Malcolm Holt's Sunny Side of the Street Blog!


HI guys, 

Happy New Year!!! During the last part of last year I was brainstorming about how I could get more content out and what my plans were for this year. I decided to amp you my Patreon page and just flood it with content. So I will be doing daily videos on there, I will be releasing many singles this year that will go on there (mp3's and videos of songs), I will be continuing to do my "pop goes blues" covers, I will talk about my gear and my process. It's going to be awesome because it will be a day by day account of this road to success. You'll have to go to my Patreon page to see a special video that I have waiting there for you. 


Oh! and if you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet be sure to do that because everyone on my newsletter will  get free mp3's of all of the singles I put out this year!! And please share my site with your friends and lovers of the BLUES!!!



Hello Friends! 
I am updating the blog with my newest cover song/video! I am so unbelievably proud of it. I have been listening to a lot of duo bands lately. Drums and Guitar. And of course, the most recently popular of the duo bands has been the White Stripes. That took me down a rabbit hole of amazing bands such as Flat Duo Jets and The Kills. These bands have definitely influenced my latest pop song goes blues influenced. I took Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz and made it my own! 

All music and video recorded and edited by me. Please watch and share!

My biggest female influence as a little girl was Bonnie Raitt. I have never met her but I had the pleasure of playing the Taste of Chicago on the same day that she played the fest in 2008 and I got to see her perform live. I love the way that she introduces other styles of music into the Blues and I think she is a top notch guitar player. Ever since hearing the song Angel from Montgomery, it became one of my favorites and now I am thrilled to be bringing you my version of the song complete with one of my fave guitar solos I have done yet. I am not one to pre-plan guitar solos because I like to be in the moment and surprise myself. I've been waiting for the moment to arrive where I feel that my solo is more cohesive on the fly and I feel that I accomplished that within this song. Please enjoy the vid! And if you would like to help support my music and the making of my upcoming album please head over to Patreon :-)

My new album, Livin' Loud is coming along very well. After initially having some recording troubles and having to record all rhythm guitar tracks for all 14 songs all over again, I can say that I am back on the happy path of recording bass guitars right now. I love the songs and I can't wait to share them everyone!!!

If you would like to help and support my music and the pressing of my cd when it is completed, please check out my page on Patreon and become a supporter! It's a really cool site for the independent artists out there.


I have released my newest bluesy interpretation of a pop song on Youtube! It has a Bo Diddley beat but I can't say that this one is traditional blues. It's based in the blues, more guitar driven than the original pop version. I had a lot of fun making this one with a lamp and a camera :-) 

If you are not familiar with Blues-E-News, it is a wonderful online blues magazine that is free. They also have a print version which can be delivered to your doorstep for a fee. 

You can find an article about me in the latest issue plus some wonderful content rich articles on Johnny Winter, Walter Trout, Jack Bruce ,Carlos Santana and more. I personally really love this publication because they include embedded videos in all of the articles and it's really beautiful to look at. If you love the Blues, please take a look!

My newest pop goes blues song Sugar by Maroon 5 is now live on Youtube! (video below)

I had a lot of fun recording this one and shooting the video for it. 

If you would like to find out how you can help support me in bringing blues versions of songs to the World while also helping me to fund my new album of original songs and get rewards for it, you can do so here at :

Keeping the Blues Alive!

A few days ago I started laying down tracks for my new album! To say I am excited is an understatement. Mostly because it's been a whirlwind. I wrote the 12 songs in 11 days. I have no idea how it happened but I love each and every one of them.

I also put out another pop song goes blues cover! (video below)

And I have 4 patrons on !!!! I would love to get to 10!!! Check it out and see if you would be interested. I am saving every single penny to get my new album pressed when I am done recording it. I would love your help and you get cool rewards for helping me too!

While recording my album I was struck by inspiration yesterday for my new pop goes blues cover and I completed everything except for the vocals and video. But it will be coming in a few days!!! Hope all is well!


Hideaway is a song originally recorded by Freddie King in 1960 and it was then performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan most notably at the start of his 1982 performance at The Montreaux Music Festival.

I love SRV and that puts me in great company with many other people that feel that special connection with him. He was an amazing player, but more so than that, he had an amazing spirit and kindness about him and I think that this is what ultimately makes us love SRV the most. His huge heart and his obvious passion for making music make him undeniably the best.

You are forever missed Stevie. Never Forgotten.

Hope this makes you smile up in Heaven Stevie. I have been waiting for so long to dedicate something to you. To give back the love of music and guitar that you have given me.

Recorded/Mixed Mastered by Diana Rein
Using Garageband, EZDRummer, EZMix
Bass, Guitar, Vocals-Diana Rein

Video by Diana Rein
Using Canon T3i and Final Cut Pro X




My Mission: To Keep the Blues Alive and expose younger people to this amazing genre. I love the blues and I felt that the song Shake It Off would make a great song to morph into a blues tune. I hope you all enjoy it!

You can find the mp3 of this song on Loudr:

You can connect with me on Facebook here:

If you love the Blues and you would like to support me so that I can keep creating songs/videos like this please visit my Patreon page:

I am so grateful that you have clicked on my video and I thank you for listening to my music!!

I did everything on my own so I will just list what that entailed:
I played Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass.
I arranged the drums using EZDrummer 2.

I mixed and mastered using ezmix 2.

For the video I used a Canon T3i and I edited the project in Final Cut Pro X.

Happy Holidays everyone! 

If you have come over to my website to check out my blog for new posts you may not have seen huge activity. Somehow, with Facebook and Instagram I forget that I have a blog to update! But if you want to see daily posts from me the best place is my facebook page at Just click on that link and you will be able to see what I am up to more often.

At Thanksgiving I released a guitar instrumental called the Thanksgiving Ballad. It is a cover of While We Cry by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. And if you love Pearl Jam like I do, you will recognize the main riff from their song Yellow Ledbetter.  You can see the Youtube video of me playing it HERE. I also have a free download of the song for a limited time on my music page HERE.

Otherwise, I just finished recording, mixing and mastering a cover song all on my own this week and I will be shooting the video for it this weekend and releasing it next week. Sorry to be so evasive about the title of the song. It was a really popular tune in 2014 but I completely made it my own and I am very excited to share it with everyone!!

I also joined a website called Patreon. My profile page on Patreon is HERE. Starting next week I will be using Patreon to let my fans know that they can help support my music if they wish to do so. It's kind of a like a Tip through the computer. It's an ongoing kickstarter type of website where you can give me an amount of money that you wish for each video that I make. You can also set a maximum for how much you give so you will never get charged more if I decide to make 20 videos a month. That's highly unlikely.....I will probably be doing 1 or 2 videos a month! I still need time to eat, sleep, oh! and take care of my 2 year old!!! hahaha

Patreon is also great because you can interact with me on my activity feed and other fans. You also get cool rewards for your support. It's just a great platform for musicians! Hope to see you there or on Facebook and thanks again for liking my music!

I have been viogging on youtube. Doing impromptu "midnight sessions", as I like to call them. When I put my son to bed I head down to practice no matter how tired I am. That's definitely a sign that music is forever for me. For the vids I record anything that I am working on or just an improv that I interested in doing. Since I am not gigging at the moment, it's my way to reach out to fans and keep you musically updated :-)

My youtube channel is :

My wonderful guitar teacher Kelly Richey has been busy, busy, busy with touring, teaching and managing her record label. With her packed schedule she has always amazed me with how quickly she is about viewing the videos that I send her and her responses to me. I tell my family that I get so excited once I send a video off to her because the anticipation of getting a video back from her make me feel like I did when I was a kid leading up to Christmas morning!! :-) Seriously, playing the guitar is THAT fun for me :-)

Kelly has been my ultimate support system. She has kept me focused and on point which has gotten me better in a shorter amount of time than if I was doing it all on my own. She get me up and playing right out of the gate.

During this time I have become one of Kelly's biggest fans which is why when I got her email today I was very flattered and overjoyed. 

Kelly sent out a newsletter today and included a section speaking about my progress with her and the giveit100 challenge. Here is the blog:

Kelly was also interviewed by the Women's International Music Network and she spoke of me there as well. It's also a really great read and interview for a musician to read through:


Kelly might be super proud of me, but I am equally just as proud to have her as my teacher!

I made it!!! 100 days on learning Kelly Richey's versions of Mean Old World and My Baby's Gone Crazy. The tail end of this journey was spent in my hometown of Chicago on a family trip. I had my Traveler EG-2 electric guitar with me to keep me in check. It was super easy to travel with. I also brought my Honeytone practice amp to help me shoot my giveit100 vids. But if I didn't have to do the updates I could have used the in-ear amp built into my guitar without a problem.

This has been a great ride. It helped me in so many ways. I learned the confidence it takes to play with reckless abandon,  I learned the dedication it takes to get better and the fulfillment I had during the whole process allowed me to understand how this path was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made to play the guitar. Slow and steady each day brought more dexterity, finger strength and ease to my playing. I know that there is more to go and I also know that I will never stop learning and getting better. 

All in all it was a thrill and it got me very excited about my progress.

Here are the full vids of the two songs!!!


I have been working hard on my giveit100 challenge and have 40 more days to go! Time sure flies by when you are having fun! I am doing a challenge to learn Mean Old World and My Baby's Gone Crazy- The Kelly Richey versions. Kelly Richey is my guitar teacher and I am so proud to have her as my mentor in my growth as a guitarist. 

I also started a challenge to do a lick a day as well!

You can see my latest video from my Kelly Richey song challenge and my lick a day challenge HERE!


I don't get to go out to concerts much anymore but this past week it just so happened that my concert dry spell ended. Last week I saw the amazing Philip Sayce who is becoming such an influence in my playing. Last night I saw Jimmie Vaughan. I found out about the show over a month ago and called in as soon as I knew the date. This got me a seat right up front. It was a nice tradeoff since it took an hour and a half to get to the venue. I was definitely happy!!

I am on an inspiration high right now. As luck would have it, I found out that Philip Sayce was going to be playing Cadillac Zack's blues jam at Malarkey's in Long Beach. The last time that he did a show at The Mint in LA I wasn't able to go. So when I saw the post on FB that he would be performing live on June 1st, I did whatever I could to make it. It was an amazing opportunity to see him in a small venue. 

What an unbelievable show! I never saw Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan do a live show, but seeing Philip play made me feel as if I was watching the greats. So much energy,

.....the teacher a BIG way! I cannot sing the praises of Kelly Richey enough. Seriously. She has been the best mentor that I could have ever found to get my lead guitar playing up and running fast. Not only that, she is just a cool person all around. And how cool is this?!!! She blogged about my progress with the giveit100 challenge on her blog and you can imagine that it made me feel really good. In my lifetime I can't say that I have ever had another teacher in school, with acting, etc. that I really bonded with as much as Kelly. She is just the best. If you've never heard her play here is a link to her youtube channel where you can see her mastery for yourself. And below is a video of her playing Mean Old World in Florida earlier this year. This is the song that I am doing for the challenge. And below that a cool vid of doing one of her originals called Fast Drivin' Mama. Enjoy!




For the last 6 months I have been playing guitar... a lot. It's my passion, my obsession, it's my happy place. When I was little I would just freeze when I heard someone playing guitar. I loved the electric guitar especially. I remember being 16 years old and picking up an acoustic for the first time. I learned the intro to "Far Behind" by Candlebox on my own and I learned chords on my own. I would just pick things out by ear. But my hands are pretty small and the acoustic guitar was not the right size for my hand. It was also time to go off to college so I just let it go.....

Everyday, there are two things that I always need to take care of: my one year old son and my music.

My one year old needs to eat, nap, play, run around, get lots of hugs and kisses, get his diapers changed, etc.

My music needs my voice to be warmed up, my fingers to practice and play the guitar, my creativity to be unleashed through songwriting, my song ideas to be recorded and to expand my recording knowledge, my social skills to get the word out and to keep in touch with...

Deep Blue Radio in Germany will be playing my music beginning Thursday Oct 17th. Hello to everyone in Germany and thank you to Marc Helfert and Deep Blue Radio for putting me on their playlist.

I have a new video up on my YouTube channel! I am so excited to say those words, you have no idea. My channel was in serious need of some love from me. Although music has been a huge part of my life I wasn't broadcasting it. I was mostly keeping it to myself. During a pregnancy and then raising a baby,

Welcome to my website, very happy to have you here! Just a few ways you can contact me. 

I am on Facebook HERE. Please Like my page while you are there. I am also on Youtube HERE

You can also use the contact form on this website to send me a message. 

So far, I am almost ready to upload a new youtube video featuring a guitar software learning program called Rock Prodigy. Even though I am mostly self taught, 

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