I made it!!! 100 days on giveit100.com learning Kelly Richey's versions of Mean Old World and My Baby's Gone Crazy. The tail end of this journey was spent in my hometown of Chicago on a family trip. I had my Traveler EG-2 electric guitar with me to keep me in check. It was super easy to travel with. I also brought my Honeytone practice amp to help me shoot my giveit100 vids. But if I didn't have to do the updates I could have used the in-ear amp built into my guitar without a problem.

This has been a great ride. It helped me in so many ways. I learned the confidence it takes to play with reckless abandon,  I learned the dedication it takes to get better and the fulfillment I had during the whole process allowed me to understand that this path of learning to play the guitar was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. It's been a life long dream to be proficient with the guitar and I am well on my way! Slow and steady, each day brought more dexterity, finger strength and ease to my playing. I know that there is more to go and I also know that I will never stop learning and getting better. 

All in all it was a thrill and it got me very excited about my progress.

Here are the full vids of the two songs!!!



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