Everyday, there are two things that I always need to take care of: my one year old son and my music.

My one year old needs to eat, nap, play, run around, get lots of hugs and kisses, get his diapers changed, etc.

My music needs my voice to be warmed up, my fingers to practice and play the guitar, my creativity to be unleashed through songwriting, my song ideas to be recorded and to expand my recording knowledge, my social skills to get the word out and to keep in touch with fans of my music.

wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day is an understatement. wishing I could split myself in two and still be fully functional  would be a dream. 

I get things done because I chip away at them on a daily basis. Even on the weekends I am doing something. I value time so much more now that I am a Mom. Before, I feel like I would squander the time that I had and waste it. Now every bit of available time is focused. It also helps that I really zeroed in on what I will be doing for the rest of my life as far as my career goes. Luckily it just so happens that making music is something that I love doing. It's an interesting balancing act when you are a Mom/Musician, especially when you have a baby/toddler. My way of handling it is to be gentle with myself and to just know that every little bit counts. So even if it might feel like I am operating at snail speed sometimes all I have to do is look back to the last two months to realize just how much I have accomplished. That always puts it into perspective for me.



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