For the last 6 months I have been playing guitar... a lot. It's my passion, my obsession, it's my happy place. When I was little I would just freeze when I heard someone playing guitar. I loved the electric guitar especially. I remember being 16 years old and picking up an acoustic for the first time. I learned the intro to "Far Behind" by Candlebox on my own and I learned chords on my own. I would just pick things out by ear. But my hands are pretty small and the acoustic guitar was not the right size for my hand. It was also time to go off to college so I just let it go.....

Fast forward 10 years later when I bought a Baby Taylor acoustic and I started writing songs right away spending hours and hours in my room just playing, writing music all day. That turned into doing shows all over Chicago and releasing my first album. It was also then that I came across a Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD while browsing the cd aisles at Target. I came home, put the disc in my dvd player, hit play and that was history. SRV planted a huge desire for me to play lead guitar that I knew would never let me be until I fulfilled it. 

Life took hold, I didn't believe in myself and I focused my energies on other talents that I thought were my biggest purpose but I always had a regret that I didn't fulfill my time with lead guitar. Do you know what put it all in perspective for me? Firstly, I read a book called The One Thing by Gary Keller that made me realize how my focus was on a million things and nothing was really taking the lead because of it. I was stuck with multiple talents but nothing that really got me excited to wake up every morning. After doing some soul searching and really understanding the messages that were given me throughout my life I knew that music was my ultimate calling and that felt GREAT to make that known to myself! From there I knew my plan of attack. One of the most important steps I took was to seek out a teacher that was masterful with the type of music that I wanted to play: Blues/Rock. I found her and it was clear as day that she was the perfect match. I have been taking lessons with Kelly Richey for a little over 6 months and she has given me the confidence and support to excel at a quick pace and reach my goals. I am eternally grateful to her and we have only just begun!

I used to feel intimidated to just pick up my guitar and jam and now I welcome it and it relaxes me to just sit and play and make music. I get to practice 2-3 hours a day at this point and with a toddler I consider that a great achievment ;-)

I have signed up to do a 100 day challenge with the song Mean Old World--the Kelly Richey version--- on a site called

I have already done 18 videos that you can see here:

And I will be updating the blog with new vids as the days go on. I look forward to sharing my work, my feelings while learning guitar, practice bumps, practice successes, new songs, my first show dates, my first open jam experiences and anything and everything music on this blog. But for now Here is the vid for Day 18 on



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