I don't get to go out to concerts much anymore but it just so happened that my dry spell ended this last week. I saw the amazing Philip Sayce who is becoming such an influence in my playing and last night, I saw Jimmie Vaughan. I found out about the show over a month ago and called in for tickets as soon as I knew the date. This got me a seat right up front. It was a nice tradeoff since it took an hour and a half to get to the venue. I was definitely happy!!


 The night started off with a woman named Candye Kane and she was just a joy to watch. She had a great stage presence, super sweet and her guitar player was a woman named Laura Chavez. She had a nice clean blues/jazz sound on her Gretsch guitar and also had a red Fender that sounded great through a Super Reverb Amp. Great tone.

 Laura Chavez (Left), Me, Candye Kane (right)

The next act was The Hot Rod trio and had a woman named Susie Q playing upright bass which was great to see in action!

Then came Jimmie's turn. Right before he started I got this extreme reality check. You see, my son is named Vaughn, I have an SRV tattoo, ever since 2004 I have had a spiritual connection with SRV. I will talk about all of that in another blog. But in any case, it really dawned on me that I was about to witness a show that went beyond the stage. It was more of an infusion and a reminder that I was on the right path. It was also a slice of Antone's in Austin, TX that I never got to experience in its heyday. It was Texas Blues in my backyard! Jimmie came up onstage and since I was right up front I got a nice big smile. That continued through the night until the end of the night when I met him at his meet and greet booth and he said "you were in the front row weren't ya?" I told him that I played the guitar and he autographed a cd for me that reads "To Diana, Play what You Want to Hear-Jimmie Vaughan".


The show was great. My favorite part was 3/4's of the way through when the band left the stage and he played Six Strings Down by himself. He was a great performer. Connected with the audience really well, very charming. He was playing out of two Grammatico amps which I had never heard of before. He also brought the Queen of Texas Blues, Lou Ann Barton to the stage to sing a large amount of the tunes in the middle of the show. It was a beautiful night and I couldn't ask for better inspiration for my guitar playing in the last week!




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