My wonderful guitar teacher Kelly Richey has been busy, busy, busy with touring, teaching and managing her record label. With her packed schedule she has always amazed me with how quick she is about viewing the videos that I send her and her responses to me. I tell my family that I get so excited once I send a video off to her because the anticipation of getting a video back makes me feel like I did when I was a kid leading up to Christmas morning!! :-) Seriously, playing the guitar is THAT fun for me :-)

Kelly has been my ultimate support system. She has kept me focused and on point which has gotten me better in a shorter amount of time than if I was doing it all on my own. She got me up and playing right out of the gate.

During this time I have become one of Kelly's biggest fans which is why when I got her email today I was very flattered and overjoyed. 

Kelly sent out a newsletter today and included a section speaking about my progress with her and the giveit100 challenge. Here is the blog:

Kelly was also interviewed by the Women's International Music Network and she spoke of me there as well. It's also a really great interview for a musician to read through:


Kelly might be super proud of me, but I am equally just as proud to have her as my teacher!


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