I have a new video up on my YouTube channel! I am so excited to say those words, you have no idea. My channel was in serious need of some love from me. Although music has been a huge part of my life I wasn't broadcasting it. I was mostly keeping it to myself. During a pregnancy and then raising a baby, I wanted to privately cherish those moments because I knew how quickly the time would pass and those moments would be gone. Living for the present was my motto and it still is. But my son, Vaughn is close to being 13 months old and I have started getting daily help from family in order to get back in the game with my music.

In my quest to get my music muscles big and strong, I found a guitar learning software program called Rock Prodigy. I emailed them after trying their program and loving it. That started a chain of emails that led to them asking me if I wanted to take one of their milestone songs to add lyrics, melody and guitars to it. I jumped at the opportunity and this video is the result of that collaboration! 

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