.....the teacher appears...in a BIG way! I cannot sing the praises of Kelly Richey enough. Seriously. She has been the best mentor that I could have ever found to get my lead guitar playing up and running fast. Not only that, she is just a cool person all around. And how cool is this?!!! She blogged about my progress with the giveit100 challenge on her blog and you can imagine that it made me feel really good. You can read that blog here. In my lifetime I can't say that I have ever had another teacher in school, with acting, etc. that I really bonded with as much as Kelly. She is just the best and she makes me want to prove myself to the highest degree. If you've never heard her play here is a link to her youtube channel where you can see her mastery for yourself. And below is a video of her playing Mean Old World in Florida earlier this year. This is the song that I am doing for the giveit100.com challenge. And below that is a cool vid of Kelly doing one of her originals called Fast Drivin' Mama. Enjoy!





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