Diana Rein takes us through her latest award winning blues/rock album 'Long Road', recipes for righteous strat tones and stepping up to take on the lead guitar role on her albums and gigs.

Reviewing "Long Road," the latest album by guitarist-vocalist Diana Rein, Blues Matters in the U.K. writes, "this album is swimming in some outstanding guitar playing, and Rein's vocals are a force to be reckoned with... Livin' Loud' packs a blues-funk punch, whilst 'Rebel With A Cause' bounces along with Rein's Hendrix-swagger guitar cutting in just when you need it. A dozen cuts of the finest music from an amazing blues powerhouse." Read the rest of Martin Cook's review, here - http://bluesmatters.com/category/current-issue/


Nice read on the 'Six-String Siren', U,S.-based blues/rock guitarist-vocalist Diana Rein, in the current issue of Valley Scene Magazine. http://www.jejprint.com/valleyscene_051217/#/32/


On his Blues Highway podcast, Garry Goldsmith says of 'The Six-String Siren' Diana Rein, "It's hard to define guitarist, songwriter Diana Rein (pronounced “Rain”). That’s a positive view, as far as anyone should be concerned. Her mantra is The Six-String Siren and she comes by it honestly, with a Blues-infused rock, pop style that immediately will make you exclaim “Who is that!”. Check out the interview, here - http://www.blueshighwayus61.com/one-woman-band-show/


Guitars and Blues lovers, this one's for you: The 'Six-String Siren' Diana Rein dishes on her fave guitar players (male and female), her fave-ever musician (the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan) and more here on 5 Quick Questions from Blues-E-News: http://blues-e-news.com/5-quick-questions-with-the-six-string-siren-diana-rein/


Diana Rein, a/k/a the Six-String Siren, rocks! Read more about this talented musician, here - http://soundtracksmagazine.com/performers_7/875_Diana%20Rein.htm


Diana Rein, 2016 LA Critics Award winner for Best Blues Artist, joined Janeane 4/17 on KUCI 88.9fm!


Reviewing "Long Road," the latest album from the 'Six String Siren' Diana Rein, La Hora Del Blues writes, "Her most faithful fans call her the 'Six String Siren' for the way she glides on the songs she performs, thanks to the acute inventive lyrics she is able to sing and project through her golden voice together with her melodic but at the same time strong guitar, which make her become a real killer in the path of her always-admired Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Guy. If you like Indie blues and alternative rock blues, then do not hesitate to discover Diana Rein." Read the rest of Vicente Zumel's review,herehttp://www.lahoradelblues.com/criticas.htm


Q-and-A in Sharemyguitar.com with the 'Six-String Siren' Diana Rein, about her using J. Rockett Audio Pedals, experiences at this year's NAMM, plans for her upcoming One-Woman Tour and more! http://blog.sharemyguitar.com/qa-with-six-string-siren-diana-rein/


Diana Rein, "The Six-String Siren" has been receiving steadily- growing worldwide and national accolades for her recently-released album, "Long Road"; but as anyone will tell you, it's also nice to be acknowledged locally by your music peers. That said, we invite you to check out Diana's cover story in the February issue of Temecula, CA's Echo & Buzz Magazine. "Rein’s riff-based, blues infused music is big. Big on lyrics, big on guitar and big on vocals. Her musical journey took some detours, and like her Italian motto (lo sono piccoli e grandi), little experiences turned into big adventures all leading her to be one of the Temecula Valley’s bright and shining stars." Please check out the rest of Steve Steinberg's interview with Rein, here - http://www.echoandbuzz.com/single-post/2017/01/18/Diana-Rein---The-Moment

Diana Rein, the "Six-String Siren," is everywhere these days! (or at least it sure seems that way). Here's she's interviewed during the recent NAMM Show by the good folks at Guitar Girl Magazine about her love (and strong guitar-playing influence) of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as her upcoming 2017 One-Woman Show, and more.  http://www.guitargirlmag.com/…/singer-songwriter-diana-rein…


"Best Blues Artist" recipient Diana Rein, performs tomorrow night (Saturday, January 28, 7:30 pm) at the Temecula Valley Music Awards Winners Fest, at Bel Vino Winery in Temecula. More here - http://www.inlandempire.com/diana-rein-best-blues-artist-temecula-12817/


"Long Road" by Diana Rein made the Sunday Night Blues Project "Best Releases of 2016" list. "This release took Diana eighteen months to create--she wrote everything, plays all the guitars, bass and sings all the vocals. The result was worth every bit of that effort. She channels a bit of Stevie Ray. The title track was the most played song on my Texas Blues Show in 2016," writes Bruce Edwards.


Diana Rein performs live 'n' solo at the 2017 NAMM Show, this Saturday, January 21 at 2pm, at the D&A Guitar Gear Booth #5975, Hall B. Come see "The Six String Siren" in all her rockin'/blues glory! :-) 


2017 is starting off with a bang for the "Six-String Siren," Diana Rein. Not only was the SoCal-based guitarist-vocalist just signed by D&A Guitars, where she will be performing at their NAMM Booth later this month; her album "Long Road" also placed #96 in the influential Roots Music Report's Top 200 Blues-Rock Albums for 2016. Rein will be performing locally at the Temecula Valley Music Awards Winner Fest (she won Best Blues Artist) at 6:00pm onSaturday, January 28 at Bel Vino Winery. Watch for Rein's "One Woman Tour 2017" happening soon. Check out this new interview with Diana in the Valley News.



D&A Guitar Gear announces the signing of The 'Six String Siren' Diana Rein, where she joins their already-formidable roster including Bush, Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Paramore, Dave Mason, and sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, among others! Look for Diana at the D&A Booth this year at NAMM. More here - http://www.heydna.com/blogs/news


Diana Rein, the "Six-String Siren," sits down with Dharmic Evolution for a podcast interview. DIANA_REIN_INTERVIEW_DHARMIC_EVOLUTION.pdf

All That Shreds writes, "Diana Rein is a Strat-toting singer, songwriter, and producer of her latest release, Long Road, whose blues/rock guitar playing along with her amazing voice, make her new record a must listen for anyone who likes Stevie Ray Vaughn."



Reviewing "Long Road," the recently-released album by 'Six String Siren' Diana Rein, Blues Blast writes, "Rein is clearly a serious talent capable of producing some mouth-watering classic Strat tones...there are many enjoyable moments on Long Road and more than enough signs that Reins has a lot to offer."


Cool interview with the 'Six-String Siren,' guitarist/singer-songwriter Diana Rein, who discusses her acclaimed blues-rock album "Long Road" (presently up for consideration of a Grammy nomination in the Contemporary Blues category), her upcoming one-woman live show, motherhood, her past acting career and more!


Diana Rein, "The Six-String Siren," is in the hunt for consideration of a Grammy nomination for her acclaimed album "Long Road" in the Contemporary Blues category. Read more about it, here -


the recently-released album by the 'Six-String Siren' Diana Rein, Rootstime writes, "...one of the greatest musical talents we have found in recent years..."Long Road", the album's title track, is a beautiful blues ballad with a capella intro that features crystal-clear vocals and sublime guitar solos. "Green Light," "Come Back Home" and "Down Down Down" are steaming, rocking songs where (Diana's guitar hero) Stevie Ray Vaughan is never far away. 'Long Road' is a sublime picture of a lady with unbridled talent!"


Reviewing "Long Road," the new album by Six-String Siren Diana Rein, Doug Spike of Blue Monday Monthly writes,"The listener gets a good taste for Diana Rein's sparkling vocal tone on the first song, which is also the title track. I love the guitar riffs on 'Wild One,' my favorite song. Long Road is proof that Diana Rein can do whatever she wants musically - writing, singing or playing. An unbelievable album from an unbelievable talent."



Fresh off crowd-pleasing performances at both the New Blues Festival and Real Blues Festival, hot new SoCal blues-rock outfit, Diana Rein and Papermoon Gypsys, will take the stage at the 4th Annual Woodystock Blues/Rock Festival at Woodardville Ranch in Aplle Valley (yes, folks, the High Desert!) on Saturday, October 1. LA Beat scribe Ed Simon sits down with PG front person, guitarist-vocalist Diana Rein, in a wide-ranging interview, here -http://thelosangelesbeat.com/2016/09/diana-rein-talks-about-her-new-band-the-papermoon-gypsys-and-the-upcoming-woodystock-rock-n-blues-festival/

Video Interview (Click on link below)


"As Bill Mitchell stated in his review of Long Road in the June issue, Rein has an Emmylou Harris quality to her voice. She’s capable of conveying vulnerability or toughness in equal measure and adds a versatility to her music, which mixes the blues with rock, country, and a bit of soul. I was not familiar with Ms. Rein’s music prior to listening to Long Road, but based on this excellent sophomore effort I’m pretty sure that blues fans will be hearing much more from her in the future. She’s got the tools and the talent."- Graham Clarke


"Rein's second album is a strong set of original tunes. She's a fine guitarist and has a haunting Emmylou Harris-like quality to her vocals. Long Road makes me want to hear more."


"Instead, "Long Road" opens with Diana Rein's voice and oh my dear readers, there came that overpowering magic once again. Like when I first heard Emmy Lou Harris, a sound so clear and honest, penetrating to the very core of my being: that voice. Her guitar makes its impressive presence known soon thereafter and what a matched powerhouse combination of vox and ax. I had read that she was heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan and I was expecting somewhat of a clone sound, but nothing like that. Honestly, the only true parallel I can draw between Ms. Rein and SRV is that their notes are never wasted, familiar tone to Stevie, but again the vocals: like Stevie's there is almost a spiritual quality to the sound of her voice."


 "Rein has a beautiful country blues voice that carries so much strength and her guitar playing is pretty damn good. It better be, because this entire album is a labor of love for Rein as she wrote all the 12 songs on the album. Rein has done an admirable job with LONG ROAD and I have learned from her website, http://www.dianarein.com/, that she has recently teamed up with Papermoon Gypsys, a Southern California based group that should combine nicely with her to give her a rich full sound."



"Six-String Siren" Diana Rein's new album "Long Road" is profiled in a "One For The Road: New Tracks for Traveling" column. Will Phoenix writes, "Long Road appears to be a successful selection of personal blues rock-influenced original audio offerings that reveal Rein to be “The Real Thing”. One of the best songs on the disc, “Rebel With A Cause”, is a tuneful tribute inspired by iconic actor (James Dean). “The Real Thing” gets a bit funky with a track that is both new yet somehow retro and familiar. Rein gets into it on “Done Me Dirty”. It works but seriously look at her? What guy would do her wrong?"DIANA_REIN_LONG_ROAD_CD_REVIEW_LEISURE.COM.pdf

The "Six-String Siren," SoCal-based guitarist-vocalist Diana Rein, is the Artist Spotlight on American Veterans Radio this week, July 31 through August 7. Listen to music from Diana's critically-lauded new album, "Long Road." American Veterans Radio broadcasts worldwide! More here -http://www.avradio.org/artist-spotlight-of-the-week.html


"Rein won “Best CD – Female” for Long Road, “Best Blues Artist” and was the overwhelming selection for “Fan Favorite,” getting almost twice the votes of her nearest competitor."


"Diana Rein is one of the blues world’s rising stars. Long Road is the result of Rein’s being able to combine blues and rock seamlessly, not always the easiest thing to accomplish. “Wild One” is a stellar tune that exhibits in your grill guitar riffs, along with haunting vocals that have the listener playing along on air guitar! One of our favorites is “Livin’ Loud,” a slow-grooving number with a dark beat, destined to have heads bobbing throughout the song. Rein confirms she is a rare talent with the ability to capture the listener and hold them throughout the album. A gem that should be in every blues fan’s music library."


"All of the songs in the album explain, in different levels, parts of her as a musician and as a person. In “Wild One” she even makes a reference to one of her biggest influences, Stevie Ray Vaughan, who could easily be imagined stomping his feet and nodding in approval listening to her solos in the electric guitar driven “Down Down Down” “Livin’ Loud” and “Green Light.” - Sofia Avila



"This one is a candidate for "Bruce's Top 10 Releases of 2016," mostly because Diana can really sing, and she's really good on the guitar, and she is a really good songwriter. It's the whole package! Throughout the dozen songs there is nowhere a clunker, nowhere to take a breath, no false steps. All of these songs are radio-ready.  An individual's work filled with talent and passion, a fine fine release."



"Singer/Songwriter/Performer/ Producer Diana  Rein will be  known mostly for her powerful “moaning style” vocal abilities, energetic disposition, majestic phrasing, and a great grasp of playing blues guitar. She did everything on her newly released album and most of the press won’t agree on what’s her greatest attribute … Its her as a song writer and vocalist that gives her the “swagger” that blues bands find  so out of their grasp."





"More strong blues guitar follows on the slower "Wicked," where Rein's voice takes on more of a rich and ethereal tone. Good mixing in the studio here. Where she previously sounded like Emmy Lou, now her voice reminds me more of Neko Case. That's also a good thing. By the end of this song I was saying "Wow!" at the strength of Rein's vocals. Closing the album is a blues instrumental, "Peace," that shows off Rein's guitar prowess."


"The album shows some consistent traits of melodic guitar riffs under a reverb-heavy lead guitar line. Rein’s strong vocal performance and her multi-instrumental talents are evident."


" Wicked is a real nice blues ballad with a rich guitar guitar intro. Backing down and allowing her vocals carry the load, Rein gives the track real cross radio airplay opportunities, before coming back with her most adventurous guitar work to this point, venturing into Big Brother territory. Very nice."



"On her second album, “Long Road,” she wrote the songs, sings, plays lead, rhythm, bass AND drums!  She is sho’ nuff the whole package! Diana Rein bares her soul on this set, and “Long Road” is poised to bring her the recognition a talent of her magnitude so richly deserves!"




Making A Scene Radio Interview (click on link below)


"Diana Rein lets her Blues evolve on Long Road, her recent release. It is the form of the genre that tunes her guitar, letting chords carve deep gashes into the emotion of the tracks and setting the notes free to wrap around the guilt of desire (“Wicked”), burn of betrayal (Down Down Down”), and welcome a triumphant return (“Come Back Home”)."



"If “The Back Room” was more laid-back blues with sometimes that sexy hint of The Cardigans’ Nina Persson, this one is deep-down-heavier and a statement for Diana Rein being a true-blood blues performer, here to stay. That’s how you feel after listening to this album: coming out of a rollercoaster, dazed and confused, and left with a satisfied feeling but still hungry for more. I would rate this 10/10."



"It's blues. It's rock. It's sultry. It's sweaty. It's good music."




"I personally found the album to be both melodic and masterful, reaching for the sky Diana can take your breath away, and she creates images in your mind where you can witness the life lead by one so young yet so experienced. Songs of Sadness, Hope, Love found and lost, Dreams Fulfilled and Personal Triumph, no topic is untouched."


"On Long Road, Diana Rein, who was born in Romania and raised in Chicago, doesn't just show off her incredible guitar playing, which is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan with a sprinkling of Buddy Guy & Jimi Hendrix, but also her powerful voice !!"







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