Featured in Romanian Newspaper "Libertatea"

Diana Rein was featured on the cover of the Libertatea (Freedom) newspaper in Romania on October 30, 2021. A wonderful accomplishment as Diana was born in Romania. 

She writes: 

"This is an amazing day!!! A journalist, Andrei Craitoiu, from the Romanian daily newspaper Libertatea (Freedom), sent me the finished article and images from the newspaper there today!! My heart is full. I love my birth Country and its people so much! People with fortitude that were oppressed in the grips of Communism and won in the end. A Country rich in culture with passionate and talented people! Thank you Romania for being a huge part of who I am 💙💛❤️ For my Romanian speaking fans, here is the link to the online article:" : https://www.libertatea.ro/entertainment/singura-romanca-actrita-in-celebrul-film-singur-acasa-spune-ca-nu-si-va-uita-niciodata-radacinile-3803627?fbclid=IwAR3OLvxH1SBlhy_vh0GHtBjGIozgjccCr9JwrB5tMWfPTPlc6Tg2cELdTkk