New Release- Broken Road

I was sitting down to write this blog and came to write the title when I noticed that what was once my Long now a Broken Road. I think anyone reading this can understand the broken road of the last 18 months.....

I wrote and recorded a bunch of songs in 2020 and I was so hesitant to do anything with them because I was listless, uninspired, upset, frustrated, dealing with things, just like everyone else. I came off tour in 2020 with an excitement to keep things going, I even had a few spurts of energy and motivation among my lowest moments. But after May of this year, I was disenchanted with it all. What reason did I have to release any songs? I disengaged from social media because it boiled my blood every time I gave it my attention. I was content with focusing on my family life, got a new puppy that required a lot of care and some ER visits, dealt with some health issues of my own as 

One afternoon, my husband could sense my angst with my music and told me to just go to my studio and play some of my recorded songs that I hadn't listened to in over 6 months. So I did. And I cried. I allowed my disgust with the current state of the World to dim my light and shut me up. These beautiful songs that I had written, recorded and produced on my own with a cool new sound..... just sitting there. I spent days listening to all of the songs and redoing my mixes and mastering them. Once I finished them, I decided it was time to share again.  I will be releasing them as singles and Broken Road is the first in line. It comes out Sept 24th and I am excited to have something new out there, of my own, for you to hear.

There are a few ways to get word of the song:

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Thank you to everyone that wrote to ask me how I was doing during this time. If anything, I always said that music heals....and here it goes again saving me from myself.