Queen of my Castle (2019)
Queen of my Castle (2019)

Queen of my Castle (2019)

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  1. Yes I Sing the Blues
  2. The Midnight Line
  3. Queen of My Castle
  4. I Can't Quit You
  5. One Foot In
  6. Walking Along
  7. Pure Soul
  8. It's You
  9. My Love
  10. Get Down
  11. Chill of the Night
  12. Worth
  13. Time's Ticking Away
  14. Heat
  15. Zoe

Diana Rein: Writer/Co-producer/Vocals/Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar
Michael Leasure: Producer/Arranger/Writer/Drums 
Dave Osti: Bass
Drake Munkihaid Shining: Keyboards
Background Vocals: Diana Rein, Steve Polacek, Vaughn Polacek, Lincoln Clapp, Melissa Bonning, Julia Clapp, Mackenzie Clapp
Recording Engineer: Billy Burke at Loveless Motel Recording Studio
Mixed and Mastered by: Lincoln Clapp
Photography, Cover and Liner Note Design: Steve Polacek