From a young age in Romania, Diana has been drawn to the arts. Her passion for acting led to appearances in the beloved Christmas classics Home Alone I & II, as well as various commercials, TV shows, and independent films. Meanwhile, her musical talents were also blossoming, with singing and guitar playing becoming a central part of her life. 

Diana's love for electric guitar and blues rock inspired her to release a string of acclaimed albums: "The Back Room", "Long Road", "Queen of My Castle", and the recent "Times Like These". She has graced many stages and festivals, including a performance for over 8,000 fans at the Open Air Blues Festival in Brezoi, Romania. Her talent has earned her recognition from American Blues Scene, Music Connection, Guitar Girl Magazine, LA Critics Music Awards, and a signing with Gulf Coast Records. 

Diana takes pride in her independent recording and producing, which allows her to imbue her music with her unique touch. Over the past year, Diana's renewed relationship with Jesus and deepening faith in God has sparked a passion for singing, playing and writing Worship and Christian music. She has been pouring out her heart and soul into these creations, finding a powerful connection to her spirituality through her artistry. 

As a musician, Diana has always been dedicated to creating music that touches people's hearts. So it makes sense that she is currently embarking on writing songs for clients, creating personalized dedications that capture the unique emotions and sentiments for their intended recipient. Whether it's through her blues rock or worship music, or commissioned songs, Diana's talent and passion for songwriting continues to shine. With every new project, she seeks to push herself creatively, exploring new sounds and ideas to bring to her music. As she continues to evolve and grow as an artist, there's no telling what musical heights she will reach next.

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