The album that almost never was......

Dear Friends,

It's been three years since I was abruptly pulled off tour and forced into stillness. At first, the panic of navigating Facebook Live during the Covid-19 pandemic kept me occupied. However, when that settled, the stillness became unbearable. I found myself letting go of my guitar and my passion for music altogether.

In an attempt to hold onto the memories of my childhood, where I would carry a radio with me everywhere and sing non-stop, I purchased a radio. As soon as it arrived, I created a space for it in my living room. I turned it on, and after searching for the perfect station, I landed on a Christian channel. The music spoke to my heart, and I realized that I had built a wall around myself and had been living far from my walk with God. It was a humbling experience that opened my eyes.

Despite having completed my album, "Times Like These," during the early part of the lockdown, I couldn't bring myself to release it. My heart was shifting and other than releasing some singles, I was at a loss for the purpose of it all. That is why I never printed copies and it just sat there…..unreleased……feeling like a time capsule that was getting dustier with each passing day.

However, I have since come to accept digital downloads, and I now believe that it's not fair to keep these songs locked up. Although I have undergone a significant spiritual evolution since writing these songs, they still hold a special place and time in my life. I am excited to finally share "Times Like These" in full with you all. For now, I am only releasing the album on my website. I don't think Spotify needs any more business than they already have. And I am bringing it back to basics. I don't need a million fans, I just want a core group of people that feel like my music speaks to them and hopefully helps or inspires their souls.

I hope you will take the time to listen to the album and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Best, Diana


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